What Happens Next?

Now that the relinquishment timeline has passed, we are left asking ourselves (and our lawyers and agency) what happens next?

The simple answer is we have absolutely no idea.

We’d love to get to go home ASAP, but one thing we know forsure is that international adoption is not quick.  And while the complete lack of certainty is driving us insane we are trying to embrace it because we really don’t have any choice.

We think we have to fly to another state before we can go home, but even that isn’t figured out.  And the timing isn’t determined until ICPC (inter-state adoption rules) is approved.

We are told once the legal process starts to get us to Canada, it should be quick.  But it cannot start until ICPC is approved.  And of course, we have no guarantees.  And the number of players involved including USA judges, Canadian approval and the incompetent agency makes it hard to believe this dance will go well.  Something tells me no pirouette’s will be executed without at least a stumble, and possibly even a fall on the face.

Honestly, what we do know already is that things are about to get more complicated, not less.  It’s very likely that I will not share the chaos we are enduring right now.  I want to, and even though I blog anonymously, I simply cannot say or do anything that could potentially upset any of the players involved who have more power then we do. I have to play by their rules at leas for now.  This also means I cannot share where we are now or where we are going next.  (Thank you to everyone who has offered us help , just the offer is amazing, and shockingly still no-one is near us!!)

All of this said, I just keep reminding myself that no-matter what happens in the next few weeks, I know we can handle it because we are going home as a family of 3!

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33 Comments on “What Happens Next?

  1. Oh, man. My heart hurts reading this. I know you have your baby and that means no matter what happens, all will be well. But I wish with everything in me that you could just take him home already and were not at the mercy of other people doing their jobs, and doing them well!

    I really hope everyone does things in a timely fashion and you, the Mr and Baby MPB get to come home to Canada soon!

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  2. The uncertainty that you’re dealing with right now must be so hard to endure. I’m sure you’re very sick of hotel living already! Which brings me to, have you thought about or have you checked out airbnb? You may be able to find a short term rental with a kitchen and such. You’ve probably thought of it already but thought I’d throw it out there. Sending you love as always, my friend! I think about how you are all doing several times a day. 🙂

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  3. Oy, I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with all this red tape and unnecessary delays! I love that you are holding onto the positive thought that you WILL be going home as a family of three, even if you don’t know when. I’ll send an offering to the gods of bureaucracy to hasten them on their way to all the approvals you need! 🙂

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  4. Just so happy for you. Enjoy these quiet days in your hotel room. It is a phase I imagine will be iconic in your memory of your time with your son! A flash, but the first days of falling deeply in love. 🙂

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  5. I can only imagine how frustrating this all must be. I’m so sorry you have to deal with all of this when it would be nice to just be able to go home with your baby boy. I hope you’ll be able to go home soon, I’ll be praying for you.

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  8. The bureaucracy is the hardest, isn’t it! And Canada to US – so close yet so far away!!! All of our bureaucracy is pretty much upfront before ‘gotcha day’ as the world seems to term it, but it’s so scary til you get back through customs in your home country!! While it’s not the same as a baby, I remember my husband and I flying back here together (he’s from Australia) so he could immigrate and we could get married, and him getting off the plane then going off to do his customs paperwork/interview and I was so nauseous waiting for him in baggage claim!! 🙂 But hey – all worth it!! Soon soon soon!!!

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  9. I know you can’t say where you are but I was hoping you were near here! I thought maybe you were but I guess not huh? Still let me know if there’s anything I can do. Continuing to send prayers that everything happens quickly and you get to take baby MPB home very soon!

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  10. Ah the good old bureaucratic system that has no timeline. I hope it’s quicker that you think it’ll be and before you know it you’ll be at home!! Hope you’re transitioning smoothly into motherhood and fatherhood 💜

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