Sunday Fun Day – A Weekend in Montréal

When we decided to book a last minute trip away, we had a few rules to follow when booking.

  1. We could use points for our flights. (This was the entire reason we went).
  2. Hotel had to be affordable. (I.e. cheap).
  3. Within Canada. (Our Canadian dollar sucks right now, and we didn’t want to travel outside of the country and face high costs due to the low value of our dollar).
  4. A place with no family or known friends.  (We wanted a weekend for just the two of us).

I priced out a few different cities which included a pretty little spreadsheet highlighting various costs for easy comparison.  Ultimately Montréal was the cheapest so our decision was made.

It turned out, we made a great choice with Montréal and we had a wonderful long weekend away.

The food was fantastic. 

The history was enthralling and the architecture was brilliant.

The drinks were great – particularly the Sangria! 

Our visit to a maple syrup farm was wonderfully sweet. 

The fall foliage made for exceptional scenery at Mont-Tremblant. 

The streets were vibrant and the sights beautiful.

Coming up next Sunday, my favourite photos from the trip!

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29 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day – A Weekend in Montréal

  1. You are an amazing photographer! I felt like I got a little weekend away looking through them. So happy you had fun.

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  2. That geometric building is awesome! It reminds me of houses built into the hills in other countries! (Sorry, it’s early and I can’t think of which ones off the top of my head right now lol!) Everything looks beautiful!! So happy that you guys had a great time while you were away!

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  3. One day I would love to go to Montreal. Your pictures do it justice and they came out super gorgeous! Thank you for sharing with us.

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  4. What a wonderful time you two enjoyed! The food, the sights, the natural beauty of the seasons changing… I’m glad you had a good time!


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