Sunday Fun Day: My Favourite Photos From Montréal

Last Sunday I shared a few photos from out recent trip to Montréal.  Today, I am posting my favourite photos.

I love public art, and I love graffiti art.  I love the paid commission pieces done by professionals and I love the random pieces done by community members (with two exception – I despise inappropriate/hateful graffiti and I really don’t like graffiti on historic buildings/sites).

I love the character and vibrancy that public art creates and I love the touch of personality that it bring to a community.

So, when I began to notice that Montreal is covered in beautiful graffiti I couldn’t help but take photos, constantly!  (My apologies if any of these photos say anything inappropriate in French, sadly I am a Canadian who is not fluent in French).

20151018 - Montreal_8

20151018 - Montreal_10

20151018 - Montreal_5

20151018 - Montreal_9

20151018 - Montreal_7

20151018 - Montreal_3

20151018 - Montreal_2


20151018 - Montreal_4

And my absolute favourite photo from the entire trip:

20151018 - Montreal_6

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