Soccer Mom

I love soccer.

I played competitively throughout my childhood and adolescents.

I coached little kid teams off and on throughout high school and as an adult.

I played recreationally on an adult team for years.

So, my next logical step is clearly to be a soccer mom – like a literal one, not just a child taxi service as is described by wikipedia.  I plan to live up to many of the soccer mom stereotypes – except the minivan, I refuse to get a minivan.

I believe team sports and activities are important for healthy early childhood development, so until my child is old enough to refuse to play*, I plan to enroll then in soccer.  And, I also plan to be the best darn soccer mom ever!

I plan to coach their team.

I am going to be at every single soccer practice and game.

I am going to be there for ever single goal and every single scrapped knee.

I am going to operate a private taxi service to make sure they get tho the field on time.

I am going to bring orange slices for the kids to enjoy at half time.

I am going to kick a ball with our child whenever they want to practice in the back yard.

I am going to take way to many photos of the kids running around.

I am going to cheer louder then every other parent.

Clearly, I am so going to embarrass our child.  And I am going to love every moment of it!

* If one day our child decides soccer is not for them, and instead chooses another sport or activity, I will be just as dedicated.  But, I really do hope they love soccer and stick with it.

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38 Comments on “Soccer Mom

  1. This is exactly where I stand right now! I couldn’t wait to have Mary play soccer! i coach her team, I am the loudest parent. I encourage all of the other kids on her team. I bring a huge jug of water for everyone. And at the end of the game, i make sure to tell each kid one thing that they did during the game that was great! I absolutely LOVE being a soccer mom! And i got lucky! Mary LOVES to call me Coach Mama, and loves playing the sport! It’s a win for everyone! I hope this happens for you friend…the feeling is pretty much the awesomest!

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  2. Right there with you on the soccer! I really hope to do the same, much to the chagrin of my husband! I still think fondly of the years I was playing soccer though and I think it’s important for our kids.


  3. You’ll be a fantastic soccer mom! I’m hoping to be a music mom. I want Evelyn to learn how to play instruments and play in concerts, etc…But I guess she’ll decide what kind of activity mom I get to be in the coming years!

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    • Oh my gosh, If our child chooses music, I am so glad I cannot pass on my complete and utter lack of musical talent to our child!! There might be hope for them! 🙂
      I can already see Evelyn in front of a piano playing away – I hope she picks up the interest and skill!

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      • Her dad is a proficient musician, and I can play a few things here and there, though not all that well! So, I’ve got my fingers crossed! 🙂

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  4. I have already decided that Guhan will win Wimbledon one day, and all the grand slams there is ..He better 🙂 he has no choice.. I’ve already got him a tiny racquet and a ball. To my utter horror and my husbands delight, he uses the racquet as a broom to clean the floor 🙂

    But yes, he will win Wimbledon 🙂


    • I can just see your horror and your husband’s delight as your little one uses the racquet as a broom! Too cute! I say it’s a good first step that he’s even picking up the racquet and doing anything with it. 🙂
      P.S. when he makes it to Wimbledon let me know I want to make sure I watch! 🙂

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  5. I plan to do all of the same things, just replacing “soccer” with “lacrosse” 🙂

    They might be embarrassed… But having you there, cheering and bringing snacks will outweigh that! You’re going to be a great mom, soccer and all!!


    • I so hope your little ones like lacrosse so that you can be the world’s most amazing lacrosse mom! Mr. MPB likes lacrosse so I might get a chance at lacrosse too. At least if our preferences have any influence on our child. 🙂

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  6. My husband and I both hate soccer, but I joke all the time that will probably be the sport our son picks. Mike loves just about everything else though. I’m just a baseball fan though. The only sport I dread is hockey. Those hockey mom’s got it tough.


    • Ha! If we as parents have anything to say about it, I am totally going to be a summer soccer mom and a winter hockey mom. Mr. MPB grew up with hockey and that’s what he’ll encourage our child to play. We joke we will get stuck with baseball or football children – the sports that neither of us played and neither of us have any interest in.
      Whatever sport/activity our children choose you and I will both cheer the loudest and encourage them to do their best. 🙂


      • Yes that’s exactly it. I tell Mike all the time we could end up with a drama kid and not even be at sporting events. You just never know. Either way, we will be proud parents. 🙂

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  7. Yay, I can’t wait to see pictures of your little one tottering around the soccer field! Lettie took her first soccer class at 2 — they start ’em young these days!


    • I can only imagine how cute Lettie was at 2 years old trying to kick the ball! I’ve always coached the kids in either the 4 and under of 6 and under age group, and honestly they are just so freaking adorable!


  8. That’s fabulous! I hope I have at least 1 girl, because I really want to get them into gymnastics and dance! B can pick whatever he wants to get a son into, but probably soccer as well. I’ll be there cheering our kids on along the way, no matter what they want to do!


  9. I hate that you have to ** that if your kids like something else, you’ll support that, because that’s how I feel about dance! I loved dance and I would LOVE (love, love, LOVE) to be a dance mom!!! Just thinking about my little girl in her first recital or competition — it gives me butterflies and makes me tear up! But people are always all, “God, you’re going to force your kid to do something she hates just so you can live vicariously through her.” Ugh. No. I think that’s an especially strong stereotype among mothers who loved “girly” activities as kids who have daughters who participate. I hope we share a love for something that brought me so much joy, and seeing her love it would bring me joy, but seeing her enjoy ANYTHING would bring me joy! People can be so judgey!


    • I danced as a kid and hated every moment of it, but I am so going to make our little girl (if we have one) take dance simply so I can take pictures of her in her cute little tutu! Knowing my luck, dance is what she’ll end up loving. 🙂
      I hear you about the *. I get what you mean about wanting to share something with your child that brough you so much joy. I do hope my child loves soccer, and your child loves dance.

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    • Awe thanks! I’ve coached little kidlets in soccer a few times in my life (in high school and a few years ago), so I’ve been holding onto wanting to coach my own children for a while now. I’m so excited to watch and encourage them along. 🙂

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      • My BIL started a little preschoolers soccer league in his back yard because there wasn’t any league for that age group in his city. I could totally see you channelling your type A personality into organizing something like that too!


  10. I love that I am not alone of already dreaming of the soccer mom days to come. I am headed to my hometown this weekend to watch my 4 yo niece in her first soccer game and I am so excited. Here’s to hoping our soccer mom days are just around the corner.


  11. I giggled as I read this. My home study actually says, “…will never be a hockey mom.” LOL We discussed how soccer, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, football, etc are all ok, but I just can’t do hockey. hahaha! I don’t feel strongly about what I’d like my child to participate in, but there is one I feel passionately I will help them avoid. hahaha


    • hahaha! I laughed at your comment because I suspect I will actually be a summer soccer mom and a winter hockey mom as Mr. MPB’s sport was hockey. Now, if i have to become a baseball or football mom, then we are going to be in trouble. 🙂

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  12. Last Saturday morning I found myself in my SUV driving two kids to soccer. I pulled into the park and thought “WHEN did I become a soccer mom??” And now I understand why my parents were at every single game.

    Our 5 year old girl is ridiculously natural. I get weepy when I watch her play. It is probably one of the happiest experiences I have had through this whole foster care process.


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