Sunday Fun Day: Corn Maze

This week has been busy.  So busy that today’s normal Sunday Fun Day 7am post is going up 14 hours late.  Ops.

Yet, somehow we still managed to make some time for fun with friends.  We spent yesterday afternoon at a nearby corn maze.  And then rounded out the day with an evening of great food, wonderful conversation and too much wine.

When we arrived at the corn maze, we discovered they had a petting zoo.  So, clearly, we headed straight for the petting zoo.  Who doesn’t love goats, sheep, pigs, ducks and miniature horses?!

Then, we went over the main attraction, the children’s corn maze.  Evidently it takes most people 30-60 minutes to find all the spots.  Well, not us!  Essentially we went for a walk through a corn field and our group of four grown adults gave up and found our way out after more then 60 minutes and less then half the clues.

And lastly, a stop at the concession for a mid-afternoon snack.  Of course, I had to order a fresh corn on the cob for my snack.

20150830 - SundayFunDay_7

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8 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day: Corn Maze

  1. Awww the animals are all so cute! I’ve never been through a corn maze, mostly because I’ve seen too many scary movies, but in a group of four sounds fun. I loooove corn on the cob! Yum!


    • I’m not good with scary movies so I just don’t watch them and therefore can go into a corn maze innocently enough. Although, everyone else is making comments the whole time about the movies. But, we all had a great time so I recommended it for a relatively cheap day out. 🙂

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      • I’m not good with scary movies either- but somehow have seen enough in my life to make corn mazes unbearable lol. Even teen movies like the Maze Runner are too much for me. Haha

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  2. First, the corn looks so yummy! That’s too funny about the corn maze taking over 60 mins. That would totally be my luck too!! Looks like Sunday was fun 🙂


  3. How fun!! I don’t think I could do a corn maze…I watched “Children of the Corn” when I was pretty young, and get freaked out by corn fields ever since! So glad you had a good weekend!


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