#100HappyDays Continued – Days 307 – 313

Another week of photos for your viewing pleasure.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed each moment.

Day 307 – May 9, 2015: I had so much fun trying out my new Sigma 150-500mm lens in the park tonight. My favourite photo of the evening goes to these two duck butts! Seriously, how cute are they?

20150517 - 100HappyDays_Day307

Day 308 – May 10, 2015: After a hard day’s work in the garden we enjoyed an evening mojito. I can’t wait until I can use fresh mint from the garden!

20150517 - 100HappyDays_Day308

Day 309 – May 11, 2015: After a less then lovely trip to Ikea, Mr. MPB helped me start putting together my little home office. A touch of girly pink put a smile on my face.

20150517 - 100HappyDays_Day309

Day 310 – May 12, 2015: After my evening run I couldn’t help but smile at our 4 little zucchini plants. The ones we planted from seeds should start popping up in a few weeks.

20150517 - 100HappyDays_Day310

Day 311 – May 13, 2015: Spotting this Yellow-headed Blackbird while out with Mr. MPB and Sadie brought me today’s happy moment.

20150517 - 100HappyDays_Day311

Day 312 – May 14, 2015: Tonight I decided to play with my macro lens when I noticed our little owls from Machu Picchu. Our hotel gave us each an owl figurine to watch over us for our visit and we’ve kept them sitting on a shelf in our living room ever since. They make me reminisce and smile whenever I notice them.

20150517 - 100HappyDays_Day312

Day 313 – May 15, 2015: We spent the evening with friends which means I spent the evening with their puppy dog sitting right next to me. Good food, great friends and a snuggly dog always makes me happy!

20150517 - 100HappyDays_Day313

Wishing everyone splendid happy moments!

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17 Comments on “#100HappyDays Continued – Days 307 – 313

  1. Great pictures! I’m glad you’re enjoying the new lens. 🙂


  2. Yes! Duck butts! Adorable…how far away were you, really? It looks like you were swimming up to them! I have never seen a yellow-headed blackbird–we have red-winged ones in Western NY, but that almost looked exotic. Love the Machu Picchu owls (I love owls in general, but those are cute and I love the story). And mojitos…now I need to go have an evening beverage myself. I grew mint for the first time last year, in a container because I heard it spreads like wildfire in the garden, and I’m not sure I made a single mojito! For shame…this will have to be the year. I always look forward to your Happy Days!


    • I was actually pretty close to those guys when I took the photo, i don’t think I was even using the zoom. Just a few meters, I think.
      I also have a lot of red-winged blackbirds here too. I had never seen a yellow before either, but they were all over the place at the park we were in.
      I too grow our mint in a container because i was told it will spread like a weed. I was just out in the garden and I’m surprised that this years hasn’t even started sprouting yet. I guess I just have to be patient. The only reason I grow mint is for mojitos – they are my favourite summer drink. 🙂


  3. The duck butts and blackbird are definitely the highlights for me. Add in the owls and I detect s rather feathery theme to your week in pictures this time!


    • It is, eh? Every time we head out to play with it I am so excited! Last time I was feeling nice though and I actually gave up my camera for a while so that Mr. MPB could use it….then he took the best shot of the day!!


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