Why I Should Not Self-Medicate

I’ve never been a fan of self-medicating when it comes to prescription medications.  Actually I kind of hate it, partially because I hate taking medications in the first place, but also because it inevitably leads to more questions and I clearly don’t have a medical degree to be able to provide the answer.

So, to re-cap, last week we had weird numbers for my progesterone blood work (CD 21 was at 4.1 and CD 23 was at 6.5).  This could indicate late ovulation.  You can read all about it here.

My husband and I decided based on tonnes of reading that I would start progesteron supplements on CD 23 because if conception did occur, progesterone is critical to implantation (my RE wants us to wait to start the supplements when pregnancy is confirmed).  So, we ignored our RE and decided to do what the literature recommends and what all the other bloggers are doing based on there RE’s protocol.

Anyways, today is now CD 29, and I tested negative when I POAS.  My typical cycles are 28-29 days long.

Initially the plan was to stop progesterone today if I tested negative.  But, clearly life couldn’t be that simple.

If I ovulated late, doesn’t that mean I could get a later positive pregnancy test?

So, now, I’m trying to figure out when to actually stop progesterone.  I am not a fan of dragging my cycle out longer then necessary, but I’m also not a fan of stopping the medication if its to early to know for certain that we are not pregnant.

The decision so far, is to call my RE, and lie – tell them we have a faint positive so they will order the blood test.  The blood test will confirm if my beta is below 5 and therefore if we should stop the progesterone.  Lying is stressing me out beyond believe.  I know its the best thing to do, because they wont give me a beta test without a positive test.  But, I honestly hate everything about lying.

So, now I wait.  I should have the results sometime today.

I’m feeling very frustrated by all of this, not in an upset way like last week, but in a what the fuck holey man is this annoying way.  I just feel like this entire situation was so easy to avoid, and yet, because of poor communication with my clinic, here I am left to my own devises and trying to develop a medical knowledge and treatment protocol that is far beyond my skill set.  Hell, I have 7 years of post secondary education from very reputable universities under my belt, but I stopped taking biology in grade 12!  I am not a medical doctor, and yet I feel like I’m starting to become one!

Yup, I think I need to find myself another clinic that will address my concerns in a timely manner…

And, maybe win the lottery while I’m at it, because my RPL journey is about to get much more expensive…

Or maybe, I should just learn to drink rum and coke to reduce the frustration? (that was totally a joke, I do not plan to become an alcoholic as a result of this).

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45 Comments on “Why I Should Not Self-Medicate

  1. I am like you about lying… I would just wait a few more days and retest because if you ovulated later then you might not see a positive today.


    • I think that’s the plan now. I’m still waiting for the results of the blood test – it should come back positive a few days before a POAS would, but if it’s negative I’ll wait at least a few more days, test again at home before I stop the progesterone


  2. I agree with Elisha. If you ovulated later than normal, you won’t test positive until later. Hold off a couple more days before stopping the progesterone.


  3. My RE has me start the prog. 3 days after a positive opk and then she orders a blood test at 14 dpo or earlier if I get a positive home test. She told me not to stop taking the prog. supplements until that test comes back each month just in case. Her opinion is that there is minimal risk of being on the prog. a few extra days and the mental peace of mind for me in knowing we didn’t stop too early is worth it. I guess I am always of the better safe than sorry mindset : ) I hate the uncertainty too, hoping you find some peace in whatever you decide!


    • I just wish I knew when I actually ovulated this cycle – it would allow for me to actually know when 14dpo is! Normally my cycle is so normal that at 28 days I would either have a + or a -. So, trying to figure out how much longer to wait is the problem. I’m thinking at least a few more days.
      Thanks so much for sharing! I really appreciate hearing what other RE’s are doing, since my RE is useless on the matter.


      • Would your RE consider monitoring you to confirm ovulation? One months when things aren’t clear my RE will let us come in for a quick scan to see if they can see that I actually ovulated and which ovary it was. I know some clinics think it is excessive but mine will do it for her and my peace of mind if I don’t get a clear positive on an opk.


      • So far no, which i think is horrible. I think as soon as we had a weird progesterone test this month, it should have been determined that we should be monitoring my next cycle – but no such luck!


  4. I would wait it out a few more days if you can. I know how hard it is to wait, but a beta could be a false neg at this point too depending on when you ovulated.


    • Thanks Johanne. I’m hoping the beta is more conclusive, simply because it is more sensitive. That said, even if it’s negative we will likely wait a few more days, test at home again, and then stop the progesterone if it’s still negative.


      • That sounds like the best plan. Don’t feel bad about lying hon. You’re just doing the best thing you can just in case and your clinic put you in this position!


      • 😦 Hoping it’s still just too early, but at least this likely means it won’t be another loss. Hugs hon. I know the past few days have not been easy.


  5. Progesterone will not prevent you from getting your period if you are not pregnant. I would stay on the progesterone until you get your period…and certainly stay on it if you get your BFP! Good Luck. Definitely get a new clinic, if this one is unwilling to work with you. I’m sorry you’re going through all of this! (((hugs)))


      • Really, even on progesterone I’ll still get my period? I had no idea. I’m assuming it would still be later then normal? (Oh, the questions I’d love to be able to ask my RE).
        While I agree a repeat progesterone test would be ideal, their is no way they’ll do it. Just to get the second one last week I had to go to my family doc! It makes no sense because it’s just a blood test, but I’ve learned there is no point on fighting with the nurses at my RE’s clinic because they clearly read from a standard procedure book and will not deviate.
        Thanks again!! I so appreciate all your advice!!

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    • So true! I bleed through the progesterone almost every month I am on it. I always thought it would stop my period but it never does.


  6. I agree with MyHopeJar, a beta this early (depending on when you ovulated) could be just as inconclusive. If day 21 P4 was around 4, I would venture you ovulated around day 19- making cd29 10dpo, give or take a day or two. I’d just wait a few more days. Depending on the type of progesterone you are on it wont stop AF from coming, if you aren’t preggo it will just lengthen your luteal phase a bit. Hang tight!!


    • Thanks so much for sharing!! I had no idea that progesterone will not stop AF from coming – I assumed it would prevent it. Clearly, last week I read all about when to start progesterone, and not when to stop it! I need to do more reading.
      I am just so thankful for your support and advice right now.
      We will wait a few more days and see what happens. Thanks again!

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      • I am happy to share- after so long in the rodeo sometimes I feel like I could even teach my nurses a thing or two… (lol, listen to me. I sound like I should be using the phrase “whippersnappers”)

        Obviously I’m not a doc- that’s just my experience. But I would be very surprised if that weren’t the case for you.

        I will be keeping fingers crossed and thinking of you until the next update!! 🙂


  7. Ugh. I don’t blame you for faking the false positive (though I’d lie a second time to say it appeared it may have been a faulty test so your records aren’t wrong at the clinic if the beta is negative and after waiting a few more days you never do get a positive HPT). I’m not telling you what to do – you’ll decide what’s best for you – but I am offering my sympathy for the crappy spot you’re in. Is there work on the secret project you can do to keep yourself busy over the next few days?


    • My clinic doesn’t count chemical pregnancies, so it will not be in my record. (You can read into that whatever you want, but I can assure you it pisses us right off). I guess right now that rule is the only positive in my little lie.
      As for what to do next, it’s my understanding that beta’s are generally able to detect a pregnancy earlier then a home test, so I’m hoping that it either picks up something or a negative test would likely mean we wont end up pregnant this cycle. That said, assuming its a negative beta, then we’ll wait a few more days and re-test at home before stopping the progesterone. The big reason I don’t want to delay my period is that we’ve decided as soon as I get my period to book the appointment with Dr. B. So, I kinda want to get that process going. But, at the same time, I fully know that if there is a chance we are pregnant, I have to do everything in my power (i.e. stay on progesterone) to help the pregnancy. So, wait we will.


      • You know you can cancel an appointment for no charge, right? At least that’s my understanding. They didn’t charge me until closer to the date actually.

        About not counting chemicals – that’s becuase they don’t really believe in immune issues and they chock everything up to bad eggs. BTDT. I’m so sick of that crap.

        I am sorry you’re in limbo, but if it’s any consolation I think you are doing everything right.


      • Funny enough, they keep saying I have perfect eggs! They just seem to be chocking it up to bad luck! Heck, we’ve even tried to suggest the move to donor eggs, but they are adamant that’s not the problem! Anyways, that’s really a post for another day.

        Maybe I’ll just call the clinic and see what they say about booking and cancelling if we end up pregnant in the next week. (Or maybe if we are pregnant we may want to see him anyways if he can help support the pregnancy better then our current RE).
        Fuck, I hate limbo land! I thought a normal TWW was bad enough, but I think this goes down as our worst one yet!


  8. I agree with many of the others, “self medicating” with progesterone is …minimal in the negative effects and can only do wonders to support a pregnancy. It’s not like you’re taking sleeping pills or weight loss meds without prescription. You have the prescription and you have informed yourself.

    My clinic also had me start taking progesterone on the 2nd day after a transfer, up until 14 days after transfer and a BFN or AF arrived. If/when it was a BFP, I think I continued with them until 8 weeks (but I know that is another big difference in clinics).

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  9. Why don’t you just get a new RE if you disagree with his judgment? That’s the part that stands out to me. This whole thing is a judgment call and has a lot of art involved. Maybe you need to find a better fit if you don’t agree?


    • We hope to get a new RE/RI who specializes in RPL, which is why I’ve made mention of Dr. Braverman in my last few posts.
      The problem we face as Canadians, is that we only have one clinic in our city and only this treatment at this clinic will be covered for us through our medical system. So, for us to change to another doctor means we are leaving our city and paying everything out of pocket. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it takes time to find a new specialist in RPL as RPL is not a common occurrence (1% of couples). And, this frustration with our clinic has only occurred in the last few weeks, so the change will not happen over night as we look to make the best decision possible regarding our future care.


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