My Perfect Breakdown


I was recently asked to participate in a Canadian study on mental health during and after infertility treatments. I was intrigued by the study.  But, honestly, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to participate. I never underwent IVF treatment.  Heck, I never even had an IUI. I feel like a bit of an impostor in the infertility world, because we are fertile. Getting pregnant is the part of pregnancy that we are… Read More

I’m a communicator.  I love to talk and I love to write.  Ask me to write a blog post, and I 95% of the time I can come up with something to say.  Heck, I write 5-6 days a week, clearly I am not one to be at a loss for words. But, ask me to write a letter to birth parents and I’m at a complete loss for where to even… Read More