A Letter to My Most Evil Past Time

Dear Evil Past Time,

I know you have been an international favourite/addiction for quite some time now. I was slow to come around and give you a test ride, but once I did, my life has never been quite the same.

Over the last few months, we’ve built ourselves a lovely little relationship based on my boredom, and your ability to fill time.

I’ve spoken with countless people in my life, mostly working professionals, and we all agree you are like the professional’s version of crack. We are addicted. Just like all addictions, our addictions to you are all slightly different. Some, spend exorbitant sums of money on additives to speed up our climb; some prefer to dedicate all their free time to the pursuit of the next achievement; and, some try to quit you cold turkey with varying levels of success. Some of us just know our addiction will never end.

My addiction seems to run deep. Too deep…

I give you countless hours of my time. I’m truly afraid to know just how many hours I have dedicated to you. How many hours of my life I will never get back.

You gladly take that time, and eat it up. It seems to keep your soul alive.

Without any fanfare or expectations you have helped me through some tough times. Without even knowing it, you have provided me with a distraction when I’ve needed one most. I know I have never said this before, but thank you for giving me something to focus on, when I’ve needed something pointless to occupy my mind; for keeping me from driving myself crazy with demons worse then you.

The one thing you have not gotten from me is a penny. I will not feed your multi-million/billion dollar coffers. You will not get my spare change from me (instead my Starbuck’s chai tea latte indulgence will consume my precious money). You can just have more of my time. Countless hours actually when I get stuck and frustrated for a period of time. I will take 3 days to get to the next achievement, as I watch the clock count-down to the next time available quest. I know, I know, you parent company hates this approach, but somehow the challenge is part of what keeps me coming back.

In pursuit of never ending lives, and saving my precious pennies for my other addiction (Starbucks), I’ve even tried to trick you into giving me more lives immediately. This resulted in a wait time of 33456 minutes. AKA, a small freaking lifetime. I couldn’t keep dealing this annoying process, and I couldn’t find a way to undue my mistake, so I deleted you and started over. Yes that’s right, I started over. I got stuck at the exact same spots again. I got to repeat my frustration, all in the name of enjoyment. I almost broke up with you permanently, but your claws are just too deep into me.

You are now a joke between my husband and me. He does not see your allure. He doesn’t get it. But, oh, how I love you and how I get it. I defend you. I defend our relationship. He accepts that you are part of me, and if I’m staring at my phone to long he understands that I am focused on you. At times, he even attempts a round or two with you. I am happy he gives you a try, because maybe one day he’ll get it. But, I also feel like I am betraying you, by letting him have a turn.

Oh, and you stupid owl, how I hate you in particular. I have a cunning ability to constantly make you fall and take away one of my precious five lives. Mr. Owl, I know you taunt me. You laugh at me. You enjoy my failures. You drive me crazy!!

Some days, you force me to live my life in 30 minute installments.  Waiting.  Wishing.  Hoping.  Time cannot go quickly enough.  You beg me to come back, yet you wont let me enjoy you until 30 minutes is up.

Other days, when the frustration is high, I think it’s time to initiate our break-up. Some days, I think it’s time to permanently delete you, just like I did Facebook. A few seconds I could easily erase you from my life.  But, then, I realize, I will be lost. I will not have a something to do when I’m sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for my name to be called; or sitting at my desk dreading working on that next item; or watching a particularly boring TV show.

Yes, for now, Candy Crush, please know that our love affair will continue. Know that we will have lover’s quarrels. From time to time we will frustrate each other. Even if I don’t visit you for a few hours or days, know that I am still addicted. But, at least for now, I am as committed to you, as you are to me.

20140531 - Dear My Evil Past TimeSincerely,

One of Your Many Addicts

20 Comments on “A Letter to My Most Evil Past Time

  1. I am hopelessly addicted as well, but my husband didn’t know my addiction until their was 5 X. 99 charges to our credit card because I had been stuck on a level for two weeks and got so mad I basically paid to get past it. I am ashamed I brought my addiction to that level of ‘commitment’ but glad to be past that level in the game. Basically my DH said, any more changes and I will be forced into intervention and phone seizure. 😦 It was a wake up call. Luckily I discovered this amazing app called Google surveys, basically you do a random daily survey and they add Google play money to your account for your opinions. Just in case I get in a stitch again. 😉


    • So cute – thanks for sharing!

      I think some days my husband might stage an intervention to get me away from that game and to put down my phone. But so far, it hasn’t happened.

      I am going to have to check out that app! It might worth it just to get “free” money for lives.


  2. This was me with The Simpsons: Tapped Out. My husband did not get it. My older brother and I kind of played alongside each other and texted all the time about where we were. It was the perfect distraction. But one difference: um, I confess they got plenty of pennies from me. :/

    I did play CC for a while, too, and it is damn fun.


  3. Haha. This post us hilarious! I got stuck on a level about 8 months ago and finally gave it up. Getting extra lives and stuff with help from friends on Facebook helped for a long time but this one level was just impossible for me and I refuse to pay, so I stopped playing. It was the best decision ever!


    • I’m one of the only people in the world not on Facebook anymore so I cannot get lives that way. Kinda wish I could, but I have no desire to return to Facebook just for Candy Crush lives (I got rid of Facebook because I just used it to procrastinate…I now realize I may have just replaced that with candy crush…). 🙂


      • Oh wow! I can’t even imagine getting past levels without help from facebook! You must be really good! Good for you though! Facebook can be so toxic! The only reason I’m still on it is to keep up with my family in friends back in Canada. Candy Crush really is just as evil 🙂 I’m so glad I stopped playing it!


      • I may be good at Candy Crush, but I don’t think I’ll add it to my list of life accomplishments! 🙂

        Giving up facebook was hard because of those few people that I wanted to keep in touch with and Facebook was my only way. It would have been smart to write down there email addresses before I deleted it, but I kinda forgot that step. Ops!


      • You go into your settings go to date and time manually change it to the next day go back to the game while the date is changed and your lives will be replinished. Whatever you do make sure you go back and change your date to automatic set before you start playing.

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  4. Ha! This is perfect. I’m also an addict. Although, I’m currently stuck on a level too, so we are on break 🙂 I know I’ll come crawling back eventually though!


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