My Perfect Breakdown


Another week of photos for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed each moment. Day 209 – January 31 2015: So many happy moments today. My day started when I woke up to beautiful snow. Then I discovering our neighbours had shoveled 80% of our sidewalk. Next I enjoyed a delightful afternoon of snuggling with Sadie while watching Dirty Dancing. Then Mr. MPB and I… Read More

Here is my thirteenth week of #100happydays. I am so close to crossing the finish line, that I can almost feel the sweet sense of accomplishment – only 9 days left! Day 85 – September 29, 2014: Our dog, Sadie, makes me smile every single day! Seriously, her big brown eyes always make my heart melt. And her goofy antics provide me with at least one happy moment a day. Day 86… Read More