Toddler Bedroom Furniture: Before & After

I just realized I never posted the finished toddler room furniture. We painted them and even took the “after” photos months ago. Apparently I just completely forgot to share them here. Ops!

The dresser was Mr. MPB’s when he was a kid. The bookshelf was mine when I was little. The nightstand we got at Ikea a number of years ago.

Here are the before photos:

We chose a light blue color, because I love blue and we figured it would match the light yellow/green walls in his room. We did not use chalk paint, which was the original plan. Instead we used a much cheaper furniture paint and hoped for the best. Which has lasted just fine, so far. We also picked up new matching stainless steel hardware at Home Depot, to give a more updated look. All in, I think we spent less then $100 on supplies. Here are the after photos:

I have no idea if the paint will last for years to come, but since there is no signs of wear after a few months of use, I am hopeful that these will last until he’s 11 or 12 and baby-blue furniture is no longer his thing.

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2 Comments on “Toddler Bedroom Furniture: Before & After

  1. It looks awesome! We are doing the same thing, we have my husbands and his brothers bedroom furniture from when they were a kid! Did you sand them for or anything? What paint did you use?


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