Tomorrow is a Big Day in the MPB Household

Yes, tomorrow, November 29 is a big day around here.

While the rest of the world is already in the throws of the Christmas / holiday season, and most of the USA is recovering from Thanksgiving and Black Friday, that’s just not the case here. You see, we have another big day that has to be celebrated before we really get into the Christmas season.

Before any Christmas anything can occur in our lives, we have to celebrate the importance of November 29th first.

Oh, and how I love November 29. In fact, it is one of my favourite days of the year because it revolves around my favourite man:

It’s Mr. MPB’s birthday!

This means I get to make sure he feels extra special today! I get to shower him with happiness and love. This means gifts; yummy food; lots of phone calls from his friends and family; and, pretty much doing anything he wants to do. And this year it’s extra special because it’s a Saturday, which means he shouldn’t work much (or at all if I have my way) and I can spend the whole day making sure he feels loved!

I suspect our day will include these highlights:

At 12:01am, he will ask to open his gift since you know, at 12:01 it is his officially his birthday and there is no reason to wait any longer. And since I cannot say no, he will open his present.

After sleeping in, I’ll make him a great breakfast. Maybe waffles? Or eggs and venison sausage? It will be a game time decision since we have all the typical breakfast ingredients in the house.

I have no doubt we will spend some time just relaxing. He’ll get control of the remote, so I suspect it will be a morning of cartoons – Pinky and the Brain or maybe American Dad.

There will be a second gift opening. See, after celebrating 14 birthdays with this man, I know I need to have two gifts ready. One for opening at midnight and one to wake up to on his birthday – I loved having a present to open the morning of my birthday as a kid, so I make sure he can enjoy this too.

If the weather cooperates there will probably be a family dog walk at some point during the day. Hopefully by the river so that we can enjoy the beautiful scenery. That said, the current forecast is calling for high of -24 C (-11 F), so we may stay tucked inside all day long.

There are no big party plans this year, but I’m sure we will have an epic meal. I presented the options of going out, or staying home and I can cook or he can cook. And, as I suspect, Mr. MPB elected to stay in and cook himself, because that’s what he loves to do. So assuming I can find all the ingredients today, his birthday dinner will include fresh prawns and oysters and a vegetable or two. Also, cheese cake from the Cheese Cake Factory will be served. I know what this man likes, and he gets whatever he wants on his birthday.

I can also assure you that there will be no dwelling on all the things that should have been, or could have been as he turns yet another year older.  Clearly our lives have not gone as expected in the last few years, yet we will not dwell in our sorrow or sit in our frustrations or even focus on our new found hope.  Instead we will try to live in the moment and focus on the day for what it is – a celebration of him.  (Now if only implementing this strategy were as easy as writing it….wish us luck!).

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys the weekend just as much as we will!

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31 Comments on “Tomorrow is a Big Day in the MPB Household

  1. Happy birthday to him!
    Thanks for the reminder as to why I will stay down here in the Midwest. -11 F, really?? It’s not even winter yet! At least not in my brain!


  2. Mmm, you said fresh prawns and oysters, and I couldn’t concentrate after that. Enjoy the celebration!


    • Thank you so much! Given our very poor weather right now, he has decided he wants to do a Star Wars movie marathon, which in my mind means a day of snuggling and relaxing. It should be pretty great!


  3. Tomorrow is B’s birthday too!! I know it’ll start out by sleeping in (him longer than me!), and end with dinner with friends and then going to see a band in town, which one of his friends from high school sings in. Not sure what will happen in between, but we will figure something out eventually. Have a great weekend!


    • Happy birthday to B!! It seems like a few great people were born on November 29th. 🙂
      It sounds like your day will be awesome! I hope you enjoy the day and have a wonderful weekend full of happiness and laughter!

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  4. Happy birthday Mr. MPB! Your plans sound spectacular! It’s clear that you took the time and put the effort into making it perfect! Stay warm (-24 is awfully cold!).


    • Awe, thank you so much!
      Although, I have to say, right now -24 sounds so much better then what we have – we are currently sitting at -35 with windchill factored in! So, the plan for tomorrow is now to stay inside all day – I did all the shopping possible today so that we can hibernate for the rest of the weekend. Mr. MPB plans to have a Star Wars movie marathon tomorrow, which means I plan to maximize the snuggling time. 🙂

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  5. I’ve been awol from WordPress for the last few days and totally missed this but glad I still got to wish Mr. MPB a happy birthday yesterday through you. Hope you both had a delightful time celebrating.

    Liked by 1 person

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